Fancy Color Diamonds

1.05ct-CU-LP-SI1 Ring

Bold double halo and split band design, showcasing a lovely cushion cut Pink Diamond. 

6.57ct Oval FPP SI1 Ring

Gorgeous Oval Cut Purple Pink diamond elegantly wraped with a thin halo of colorless diamonds that flow down the split band design. 

2.01ct Oval FLPP VVS2 Ring

Oval pink diamond beauty set in a vintage styling double halo design with a gentle split band.

10.08ct The Pink Flame Ring

A very special large pink diamond named The Pink Flame. Elegantly set in a thin double halo-eternity design.

2.18 VLP SI1 Pear shape Ring

Rows of diamonds placed in a domed fashion, surrounding a beautiful pear shape Pink Diamond.

3.00ct Pear Shape FLP VS2 Ring

 A statment piece featuring a magificant 3ct Pear shape pink center diamond, and a thick baguette diamond flowing band to finish off this art deco masterpiece. 

2.05 FLOP, SI2 Ring

Vintage flare meets rare color with this stunning double halo diamond ring.

3.25ct Radiant Cut FIP 3 stone halo w/ pears

Intensely pretty in pink flanked by colorless matching pears, all wrapped up in a pink halo.

4.04ct, FP, VS2 Ring

A unique yet delicate ring design showcasing shapes and flow surrounding a large Fancy Pink Diamond.

4.23cttw PS FLPP Earrings

Elegant and unique dangle style earrings created to wow admirers, featuring a matching pair of a Fancy Light Purple Pink Pear Shape Diamonds, surrounded buy hand selected Colorless Diamonds.

2.06ct Heart LP VS2 Necklace

A classic and rare pink heart shape necklace that could be showcased in a white T-Shirt or that little black dress.

4.67cttw FLP VVS GIA Earrings

Symetry in motion and thoughtfully laid out with each stone sitting point to point, and ending with a double hallo of colorless diamonds, perfectly wrapped around matching Fancy Light Purple Pink Pear Shaped Diamonds.

5.18ct, RAD, LP, VVS2 Ring

An elegant double halo with beautiful diamond detail from every angle, all surrounding a lovely, large Pink Diamond.

6.34ct CUSH LP VVS1 GIA Ring

Dainty and detailed thin diamond halo accentuating a stunning 6.34c pink diamond.

2.13ct RAD FP VS2 Ring

This pink diamond pops as its surrounded by a oversized colorless diamond halo and eternity band. 

2.13 FP VS2 Ring

A special 3-stone halo design, uniquly displaying rare color and beauty.

2.53ct Radiant LP VVS1 Ring

Unique and BOLD,  Pink Radiant Cut flanked by sunshine in this gorgeous ring that will standout in a crowd of plain janes.

7.09ct RAD FY VS1Ring

A huge pop of yellow set amongst colorless diamonds in a classic/vintage ring. 

5.08ct, FLY, VS1 Ring

A large elongated Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond ring accentuated by thehalo and large split band encrsusted with diamonds.

10.06 CU FIY Ring

Beautifully shaped 10ct cushion cut intense yellow diamond, set in a classic 3 stone design woth a twist of an elagant halo of colorless diamonds.

3.15, FY, VS1 RIng

A calssic setting, showcasing the sunshine of this 3.15ct fancy yellow cushion cut diamond, flanked by matching half moon colorless diamonds.

6cttw Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Stunningly different and refined matching set of drop down earrings, beautifully finished off bright cushion cut yellow diamonds.

10.03ct Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Cut SI1 Diamond Ring

Large yellow diamond standing out in the most lovely way, wrapped in diamonds, platinum and gold. 

4.52cttw Pear Shape FIY Earring

Intense yellow sunshine sitting elegantly at the tip of these diamond hoop drop downs. 

14.76 Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Halo clip studs featuring large matching fancy yellow diamonds. A gorgeous twist on a everyday classic.

22.66ct Heart FY IF Pendant

Heirloom quality 22ct fancy yellow heart shaped diamond pendant. A piece fit for a queen.

3.10 Pear Shape Earrings

A classic 3 stone drop down earring set showcasing both colorless and fancy yellow diamonds giving beautiful variation to this unique piece.

5.91cttw MultiColor Ring

Get noticed with this natural multicolor diamond cocktail ring, featuring pink, geen and blue diamonds wraped in colorless halo.

14.71cttw MultiColor Bracelet

Ring description

4.88ct Oval FB VS1 Ring

A very special and rare Fancy Blue diamond ring that goes unmatched in color, beauty and investment potential. 

2.24 FLGB Cushion Ring

A stunning color combination of fancy blue and green make up this center diamond surrounding by pink and colorless halos diamonds.

2.59ct Radiant LB IF Ring

This blue pops against all white in the double halo splint band encrusted diamond ring. 

1.98ct RAD FLB VVS2 Ring

Symetrical Radiant cut showcases the blue ocean view so wonderfully in the pink and colorless diamond halo ring.

4.47 ct, FB, VVS2 Ring

Named The Blue Reflection, this magnificant blue diamond pear shape gives you rarity and elegance at it’s finest, set in dainty and detailed double halo eternity ring.

4.88ct Oval FB VS1 Ring

A very special and rare Fancy Blue diamond ring that goes unmatched in color, beauty and investment potential. 

6.06ct NFB VVS2 Ring

High end auction quality fancy blue oval cut diamond, meant to sit high and show off it’s utter rarity, flanked by 3 pink diamonds on either side. 

5.04ct BR Mix Ring

Dainty double haloed 3 stone ring, showcasing green and pink in a beautiful and detailed way.

4.31ct, FIG, SI2 Ring

Extreme rarity displayed with this elongated radiant cut intense green diamond, set surounded by pink diamonds and rose gold.

5.13cttw FLB Green Ring

Like looking into the carribean ocean with this 5.13ct fancy light blue green diamond, set amongts a pink and colorless diamond double halo, flanked by baguettes and an eternity band.


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