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Ring description


Ring description

8.34ct OV, RUBY

Ring description

6.13 OV, Pink Sapphire Ring

For elegance everyday, a 6.13ct Oval, Pink Sapphire Ring with 2 Natural Cadillac Shape Diamonds

5.15ct Pink sapphire Ring

A Tantalizing 5.15ct Pink Sapphire with a sparkling Halo Diamond ring

5ct Pink sapphire set in a diamond halo platinum ring

An enthralling Halo diamond ring with a Luscious 5.00ct Oval Pink Sapphire

7.48 Tanzanite Ring

Radiance at its finest with a split shank halo ring and a Stunning 7.48ct Tanzanite center

4.01ct, Blue Sapphire Ring

A 4.01ct majestic blue sapphire with 2 gorgeous Diamonds flanking the sides and an abundance of Round Diamonds making it the perfect halo

7.02 Sapphire Ring

A dreamy blue 7.02ct Oval Sapphire with a glorious halo diamond ring

4.01ct-Sapphiren Ring

Heirloom-quality 4.01ct vivid blue sapphire ring with 10 stunning natural round diamonds

16.33ct Blue Sapphire _ Diamond Ring

A grand 16.33ct, marvelous blue sapphire with 2 half-moon natural diamonds

19.29ct-Tanzanite Ring

An intriguing 19.29ct, Emerald Cut Tanzanite ring with a stunning multitude of natural diamonds

6.56ct Violetish Blue Sapphire Ring

Set in Platinum with a natural round diamond halo, a fabulous 6.56ct Violet-Blue Sapphire

4.00ct violet-purple sapphire Ring

A dazzling 4.00ct violet-purple, Oval Sapphire Ring

Unheated Sapphire Ring

 An unbelievable blue sapphire ring with 2 tapered baguette diamonds adding luminosity to this platinum ring

10.01 Pink Sapphire Ring

A sublime 10.01ct Oval Shape Pink sapphire set with 2 delightful Half-Moon Natural Diamonds will take your breath away

4.22ct Emerald Ring

Ring description

21.05ct Emerald Ring

An exquisite 21.05ct Colombian Green Emerald will make anyone say “wow”

7.83ct Emerald Ring

A ring full of wonder, 7.83ct Step Cup Emerald with 3 fancy natural diamonds

Emerald Earrings

A pair of phenomenal green emeralds, a pair of luscious natural diamonds set in a pair of white gold earrings 

6.77ct+6.98ct earring

Two amazing green emeralds at 13.75cttw surrounded by an abundance of beautiful natural diamonds

38.71ct BURMA SAP Ring

Inspired by the late Princess Diana, a graceful 38.71ct stunning blue, Burma Sapphire ring with 16 gleaming natural diamonds

Sapphire Ring

A halo natural diamond ring with a charming oval shape blue sapphire

Aquamarine Ring

An extraordinary double halo natural diamond ring with an Emerald Cut Aquamarine center that will turn heads

227.70ct, FLUORITE (pink)

A remarkable 277.70ct Oval Natural Fluorite

419.49ct Natural Amethyst

An extraordinary and unique 419.49ct Natural Amethyst


One of a kind, exceptional 518.16ct Cushion Cut Natural Aquamarine Stone

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