Investors Seek Diamonds as Hard Asset Investment

Diamonds, the ultimate symbol of love, are becoming hard asset alternative maximizing profits and liquidity. In the past eight years the demand for colored diamonds soared. Investors, seeking higher returns and portfolio diversification, have moved into an area once the preserve of wealthy collectors.

Vineyards, gold, ranches, Diamonds, the very wealthiest families have always owned hard assets. Today, many wealth managers are seeking hard assets, from timberland to fine art, for their high net worth and mass affluent clients.

As colored diamonds prices are being driven higher by investors, many of whom have been disappointed by returns from other assets, record prices have been achieved in auction sales. From the start of 2009 to the end of 2016, the price of pink diamonds has increased nearly 180% and sits at a record high. Blue and yellow diamonds are up by around 70% and 90%, respectively.

Record auction prices highlight the soaring demand over the past year. Last May, a 14.62-carat blue diamond sold for $57.5 million at auction in Geneva, and in November 2015, also at a Geneva auction, the 12.03-carat Blue Moon sold for nearly $50 million, becoming the only diamond to sell for more than $4 million per carat.

Part of the transformation of the marketplace for colored diamonds has been due to the fact that professional investors and funds, looking for portfolio diversifications on behalf of wealthy clients, have joined the collectors and connoisseurs who historically have bought rare gems.

In addition to those seeking alternative investments, the swelling ranks of the world’s superrich means more interested buyers, too. Often these rare Diamonds are being purchased as multigenerational assets that will be held perpetuity. While these precious Gems can be enjoyed as adornment while appreciating in value, they can be also taken across borders very easily.

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